The development of innovative therapies is a major focus of research at CRIOAc Lyon. Innovation is possible as various ex-vivo models and complex clinical situations are reunited and studied in a single setting. Using molecular biology and metagenomics, we seek to develop new diagnostic markers. We test the antimicrobial efficacy of several antibiotic-loaded cements in our models, as well as the effect of various combinations of antibiotics in cements that can be used for prosthesis fixation. We evaluate innovative bone substitutes that deliver high concentrations of antibiotics locally and promote bone remodelling.

We are able to evaluate the anti-biofilm activity of new antibiotics, as well as bacteriophages and phage lysins. We can also evaluate new implants, which are sometimes coated with precious metals or with anti-infectious properties. We are trying to find the most relevant indications of these therapies and we hope to make them available. Their clinical evaluation is essential, that is why we participate in several European research networks to ultimately demonstrate their value and facilitate their reimbursement through public health insurance.