In the field of bone and joint infections (BJI), a multidisciplinary approach (reuniting the expertise of an orthopaedic surgeon, infectious disease specialist, and microbiologist) is essential in order to define the management strategy, to identify the bacteria responsible for the infection and to propose the most appropriate medical and surgical treatment possible, so that limb function can be preserved after finding a cure.

Certain BJIs, especially complex BJIs, require a particularly high level of expertise, competence and resources. Unfortunately, not all private nor public hospitals can offer this multidisciplinary care.

The creation of our “reference” centre is therefore particularly suited to a situation involving a serious, low-prevalence pathology with few facilities having the level of expertise to manage it.

CRIOAc Lyon and the member centres also exist to help raise awareness and to combat nosocomial infection. Our centres aim to provide a high level of expertise to patients of all catchment areas.

CRIOAc Lyon is a reference centre for complex BJI, and is part of the network of reference centres recognised by the French Ministry of Health.

Pr. Tristan Ferry (infectiologist), Pr. Sébastien Lustig (orthopaedic surgeon) and Pr. Frédéric Laurent (microbiologist) coordinate care at CRIOAc Lyon at the Croix-Rousse Hospital. Staff in the infectious disease and orthopaedics departments and in the microbiology lab, all contribute to the various tasks at CRIOAc.

Référents directement impliqués dans la coordination du CRIOAc Lyon

Heads of coordination at CRIOAc Lyon