Teaching is one of the priorities and missions of CRIOAc Lyon. Like all university hospitals, we welcome medical and pharmacy students in our departments and laboratories. We train interns of medicine, surgery and pharmacy. CRIOAc Lyon participated actively in the elaboration of a graduate course about bone and joint infection, which takes place once every 2 years at various CRIOAc settings.
journée CRIOAc Lyon

Presentation led by Pr. Eric Sennevile (from CRIOAc Lille-Tourcoing) at a (continuing professional development) day of lectures at CRIOAc Lyon in 2017 on the topic of “The role of rifampicin in prosthetic infections due to gram-positive non-staphylococci (enterococcus, streptococcus, propionibacterium, corynebacterieum)”.

CRIOAc Lyon offers a yearly continuing education day. CRIOAc Lyon also welcomes Travelling Fellows of the European Bone and Joint Infection society (EBJIS).