Management of a bone and joint infection is complex, as it requires a multidisciplinary approach. Coordination between the various professionals involved is therefore essential. A care pathway is defined for both simple and more complex cases.

During your first CRIOAc appointment, the most appropriate strategy is defined during a multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting, according to the patient’s clinical state. Personalised management is a key element in the management of bone and joint infections.

Surgery is often the first step in the treatment of bone and joint infections. The tissue samples, which are thus able to be taken, are sent to the microbiology lab (Institut des Agents Infectieux) to be cultured. This makes it possible to identify the bacteria involved in the BJI, and to adapt the antibiotic treatment that will be administered after the samples are taken during surgery.

The administration of antibiotics is then continued at home or at a convalescent care home. Follow-up is necessary to ensure that there is no relapse.