Hôpital de jour (Service de Maladies Infectieuses)

Day Hospital in the Infectious Disease Building (Photo T. Ferry).

Your first CRIOAc Lyon appointment might take place during a consultation or a stay in the Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery of Infectious Disease ward, the Day Hospital or during hospitalisation elsewhere.

The practitioner who will take care of you will have the opportunity to present your case during a multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting. The level of complexity of the infection will be measured, and above all, the most optimal medical-surgical strategy will be determined, with the aim of ridding the patient of the infection, while preserving maximum function of the limb involved.

Since 2014, there is a multidisciplinary Septic Orthopaedics team at the Day Hospital in the Infectious Disease Building at CRIOAc Lyon.

The goal is to offer the patient, especially when referred by a colleague from a private or public healthcare centre, a one-day stay during which morphological (x-ray, CT or MRI) and biological exams can be performed under one roof. A decision can thus be made during a multidisciplinary consultation between an Infectiologist, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and if necessary, a Plastic Surgeon, all specialising in BJI treatment.

Hôpital de jour - chambre

A room in the Day Hospital (Photo T. Ferry).

This Day Hospital makes “bedside” MDT meetings possible. The medical-surgical strategy can be agreed upon and explained directly to the patient by all the practitioners present. The patient’s GP is also informed of the suggested strategy.