Acetabular resection and reconstruction in a 71-year-old patient with a complex multidrug-resistant S. epidermidis infection of the left prosthetic hip joint

After one year, patient can walk painlessly, and no signs of chronic infection can be observed.


Prothesis resection in an 87-year-old bedridden patient, who had presented with infection of the right prosthetic hip joint and septic pseudarthrosis of the proximal femur with multi-resistant staphylococci after explantation and fracture

After 6 months, patient is able to walk painlessly, and no signs of chronic infection can be observed.


Recurrent septic pseudarthrosis due to P. aeruginosa treated by two-stage management with resection, placement of a spacer and reconstruction by centromedullary nail and bone graft mixed with CERAMENT G et CERAMENT V bone substitute

Favourable outcome after 2 years: walking is painless, no signs of infection can be observed, and treatment is no longer necessary.


Recurrent septic pseudarthrosis with indication of intercalary prosthesis

Favourable outcome after two-stage management with resection in the first stage, followed by placement of a spacer and an intercalary prosthesis, allowing for immediate unaided walking.


Septic pseudarthrosis of the radius and cubitus treated with double Masquelet technique

Favourable outcome of septic pseudarthrosis of the forearm due to S. aureus after resection, placement of a spacer, and reconstruction with bone graft. Complete healing after 6 months.


Osteoarthritis of the knee following ballistic trauma with secondary indication of total knee replacement

Favourable outcome after multiple surgeries to manage infection, and after placement of prosthetic knee joint. After two years, limb function is satisfactory, with pain-free walking and no sign of infection.